Frequently Asked Questions

Let us know if you have any questions. We are always here for you :)


Whats my ring size? 

The easiest way to determine ring size is to go to the local mall and stop and grab an Orange Julius, after enjoying that delicious beverage, stop by the jewelry store your boss buys his mistress charm bracelets from and they will be excited to find your perfect size. 

When will I get my jewelry?

Patience is a virtue or so they say. Aris handcrafts all of his pieces and makes batches in very limited quantities so things take time. We will try to get your pieces to you as soon as we can but please allow 4-6 weeks to receive your order. 

Can I return my piece?

If for any reason you are not at least 90 percent satisfied with your order we will gladly exchange your piece for something else of equal or lesser value or offer you a refund. We want you to be super happy, of course;)

Can I tell you a secret?

We love secrets and are very good at keeping them. Feel free to send us questions, comments, or your deepest darkest secrets via the contact page.